Precautions for operation and storage of hydrogen peroxide

I believe everyone is familiar with hydrogen peroxide, so do you know the operation and storage precautions of hydrogen peroxide in our daily life? Please follow the editor of the hydrogen peroxide manufacturer to find out.

Operation precautions: Professional operators need to perform airtight operations in a ventilated environment for high-concentration hydrogen peroxide. The operation process must strictly follow the operating procedures. At the same time, operators need to wear gas masks and polyethylene gas protective clothing. Wear neoprene gloves and keep away from heat, flammable and explosive materials.

Storage Precautions: Storage should avoid contact with active metals and reducing agents to avoid reactions. At the same time, the environment should be cool and ventilated, and the indoor temperature should not exceed 30 °C. Keep the hydrogen peroxide container sealed, and handle it lightly during transportation. Take it lightly.

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