With the air pollution becoming more and more serious, air purifiers have emerged in the market. Can you really choose and buy the right air purifiers in front of all kinds of them? How much do you know about air purifiers? Next, I would like to introduce a variety of air purifiers – plasma air purifiers. So, what is the plasma air purifier? Let’s learn together!

Plasma purifier is also called low-temperature plasma waste gas purifier.

Under the general design concept of electrocatalysis, this process is divided into three independent and mixed excitation systems: microwave excitation area, plasma excitation area and electrode plate excitation area. Each excitation region has its specific function, but it has its similarities in principle.

The plasma waste gas purifier adopts the unique adsorption decomposition carbonization centrifugal exhaust installation Dongguan Tianjie’s latest process technology design, and adopts the advantages of standard module design. It is a purification equipment for dry treatment of organic waste gas. It has changed the process technology of using activated carbon materials. There is no need to regenerate raw materials, no need to assign special personnel to take charge, no secondary pollution, and easy replacement and maintenance.

Low temperature plasma is the fourth state of matter after the solid, liquid and gas states. When the applied voltage reaches the discharge voltage of the gas, the gas is broken down to produce a mixture including electrons, various ions, atoms and free radicals. In the discharge process, although the electron temperature is very high, the temperature of heavy particles is very low, and the whole system presents a low temperature state, so it is called low-temperature plasma. Low temperature plasma is used to degrade pollutants by using these high-energy electrons, free radicals and other active particles and pollutants in waste gas, so that pollutant molecules can be decomposed in a very short time, and subsequent reactions can occur to achieve the purpose of pollutant degradation. General gas discharge will generate plasma, and this discharge is like separating one or more electrons from the gas principle or molecules through some mechanism to form a gas medium, which is called ionized gas. If the external electric field generates ionized gas, the conduction current will be formed, and this phenomenon is called gas discharge. This technology of purification equipment is the latest principle of industrial waste gas treatment.

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