Plasma station 500

Plasma air generation station

Easy installation and control , Professional breath protection

Best choice for airports, stations, office buildings to reduce airborne infection risk and improve air quality in scenarios with humans and machines present.

The Ion station can be easily installed on the air duct with Flange .By controlling the working time and voltage of the dedicated AC power supply, the ion station generates an appropriate amount of stable reactive particles by activating the air in the duct through the ionization tube . The reactive particles can neutralizes the volatile organic compounds in the air to remove indoor odors , VOC and TVOC. In addition, the reactive particles completely stick on the bacteria, molds, viruses and other microorganisms in the air, making them inactive and dead. The whole process simulates the original state of nature without adding ultraviolet rays or any chemical substances.

Clear Advantages

0 Noise

Protect your air safety invisibly

0 Consumables

Only air and electricity are used

Easy Installation

Installation on the air duct with flange

99.99% Disinfection

High reactive particles generation

Up To100000 M³

Every single station can treat 500 m³,multi stations can be installed together

Multi plasma generation levels

Level 1 no ozone for maintaining , Level 2 every m³  air contains a safe percent ozone 

Technical Specification

Power supply

220-230V 50/60HZ

Electrical Power


Net weight


Nominal treating space

1000 m³


350*220*668 mm

Nominal air flow

5000 m³ / hour