There are three modes of the plasma air disinfection machine in the process of use: automatic, manual, and timing. In different environments, you can choose the mode of self -selection:

  1. Automatic

Plasma air disinfection machines are adjusted to automatic mode disinfection: the machine works for 1 hour, stops for 1 hour, and a 24 -hour cycle. This mode is suitable for patients with a large number of patients.

  1. Manual

This plasma air disinfection machine is adjusted to manual mode disinfection: Press the tuning key, and 01,02,03,04 is available in the middle of the screen, which represents the automatic shutdown after 1 to 4 hours of disinfection. This mode is mostly suitable for mobile models. It does not fix a room for disinfection, disinfection in rooms one by one, and selects different disinfection durations according to the size of the room, such as: ward, phenomenon room, treatment room, etc.

  1. Timing

The plasma air disinfection machine is adjusted to the timing mode for disinfection. It can be set for 2-3 groups of time periods. It is automatically turned on and disinfected every day. There is no need to operate. Disinfection is required at non-time-stages. You can use the remote control or panel button to operate manually. This disinfection mode is mostly suitable for wall -mounted and cabinet models, and a certain room disinfection has been fixed for a long time, such as the operating room, ICU, delivery room, hemodialysis room, etc.

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