Plasma air 5-log disinfection

Plasma air disinfection

What is plasma?

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter. It contains a significant portion of charged particles – ions and/or electrons.

Normally we use the Oxygen and water plasma by-products such as Ozone , OH. ,HO2 ( are much more stabler than Oxygen and water plasma ) for air disinfection , because the plasma phase is very unstable and exist in the natural environment for only milliseconds , the contact time with pathogens is not sufficient for inactivating . 

Why use plasma for disinfection ?

Plasmas can  attach easily to the pathogens (bacteria , viruses , fungi and prions ) surface , with sufficient contact time the proteins will be destroyed then pathogens get inactivated .  Even complete sterilization is possible with prolonged exposure to the plasma. This process requires no comsumpbles , with only air and super low electricity power it’s enough , after disinfection process there will be only water or oxygen left.

Limite of plasma disinfection 

1. Not broad-spectrum, ineffective against some microorganisms

2. A certain proportion of ozone is generated, and ozone has different degrees of damage to the human body and objects 

3. Extremely unstable, easily affected by temperature, humidity and circuit, then the plasma production is unstable

4. The working life is short, the negative ions generated adsorb particles in the air, then coverd by dust, which cannot discharge effectively and break the plasma generation process

5. It is difficult to generate high-density plasma in a small space, and the sterilization effect of low-density plasma is not obvious

FFD Medical Grade Air Disinfection +

By adjusting the specific concentration of plasma and UVA wavelengths combined photocatalyst , as well as the action time of the two treatment methods, the disinfection effect of 1+1>2 can be achieved: the sterilization effect of using plasma and ultraviolet  in combination is much greater than using 2 times any single method .

We use High-speed Pulsed Surface Discharge to act on the oxygen and water vapor in the air to form a high density “plasma tunnel” trillions ions , when the air pass in this tunnel with microorganisms  VOC, TVOC and odor , a large number of basic chemical bonds are destroyed. The remaining damaged microorganisms and other substances enter the UVA treating unit , during this contact time less than 1 second , all the microorganisms are inactivated then discharged with the air , the remaining reactive oxygen species as ozone , OH. and HO2 will filtered by a special filter , so there will be no impact on the indoor environment and people inside

Plasma air generation station

Plasma station 500 Plasma air generation station Easy installation and control , Professional breath protection Best choice for airports, stations, office buildings to reduce airborne infection risk and improve air quality in scenarios with humans and machines present. The Ion station can be easily installed on the air duct with Flange .By controlling the working time and voltage of the dedicated AC power supply, the ion station generates an appropriate amount of stable reactive particles by activating the air in the duct through the ionization tube . The reactive particles can neutralizes the volatile organic compounds in the air to remove indoor odors , VOC and TVOC. In addition, the reactive particles completely stick on the bacteria, molds, viruses and other microorganisms in the air, making them inactive and dead. The whole process simulates the original state of nature without adding ultraviolet rays or any chemical substances. Clear Advantages 0 Noise Protect your air safety invisibly 0 Consumables Only air and electricity are used Easy Installation Installation on the air duct with flange 99.99% Disinfection High reactive particles generation Up To100000 M³ Every single station can treat 500 m³,multi stations can be installed together Multi plasma generation levels Level 1

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plasma air purifier


Plasma air 5-log disinfection Tunnel 500 Plasma Air Purification & Disinfection Device Medical-Grade Air Protection Much more than a purifier , fungi decontamination to 5-log  Is the best choice for small halls, hair solon, restaurants, hotels, offices, wards and other small and all the small-medium-sized public spaces .  Using the combination of low-pressure plasma sterilization technology and UVA sterilization technology , with a big air flow of 1200m³/h  , Tunnel 500 can eliminates VOC, TVOC, pathogens and other harmful substances in the air without affecting human health. Clear Advantages Low Noise Protect your breath safety in silence 99.999% biological reduction High level broad spectrum disinfection  Complete Purification Not only eliminate microbe but also VOC ,TVOC ,PM 2.5 , ODOR Up To 200 M³ 1000m³/h air flow circulates minimum 4 times in a space of 200 m³ Medical grade disinfection Medical level reactive oxygen species generator keep a electron density of 9.1*10^18 /m³ ions inside the machine Zero risk for human health The full decontamination process inside the machine , air get ‘washed’ before discharge , free ozone  Plasma & UVA Combination Technology By adjusting the specific concentration of plasma and UVA wavelengths combined photocatalyst , as well as the action

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