Mobile ultraviolet air disinfection machine (also known as mobile circulating air ultraviolet disinfection machine) is a ultraviolet air disinfection machine that uses ultraviolet sterilization lamps, filters, and fan positioning components with a central wavelength of 253.7nm. Its filters and fans do not have the function of sterilization factors. Ozone concentration in the air during the operation of the sterilizer ≤ 0.1mg/m ³ , The air volume must reach more than 10 times the volume of the disinfected air in order to achieve disinfection effect. The working principle of the disinfector is: an ultra static centrifugal fan sucks some dirty air from the enclosed room into the machine interior; By using a composite filter screen (coarse efficiency+medium efficiency+activated carbon+photocatalyst) to filter out large and small dust in the air; Instantly kill bacteria in the flowing air by installing an ultra strong ultraviolet lamp on the air inlet surface of the filter screen; Send clean air that has been filtered out of dust and sterilized bacteria back to the room, and the clean air quickly circulates to purify and sterilize the air; Simultaneously, negative oxygen ions freshen the air.

This product is used for air disinfection in Class II and III environments of hospitals, public places, production workshops, and other places.

Hospitals: intensive care units, neonatal rooms, operating rooms, isolation rooms, clinical pathology rooms, wards, outpatient clinics, central air conditioning rooms, etc;

◇ Health facilities: health centers, elderly care rooms, kindergartens, clinics, pet hospitals, etc;

Production sites: food factories, pharmaceutical factories, cosmetics factories, laboratories, freezers, etc;

Public places: hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, internet cafes, KTV halls, engine rooms, stations, etc.

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