At present, there are two types of hydrogen peroxide sterilizers popular on the market. One is dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. Atomized into small droplets of 1-10 microns, we call it a dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer.
There is also a vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, which is to add a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide disinfectant (30-35% concentration) to the inside of the equipment, and then vaporize and flash into molecular hydrogen peroxide, we call it Sterilizers for vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

The main working principle of the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is to use the oxidative properties of the hydrogen peroxide volatilized in the space to kill germs. Among them, the function of the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide disinfectant in the sterilization space and the surface can be evenly distributed. And the equipment itself is also intelligently designed. In order to meet the sterilization of different environments, the production products of hydrogen peroxide sterilizer manufacturers are also various, such as portable, hand-push, automatic robot, joint control, etc., so as to further ensure It is convenient and safe for personnel to operate, and ensures the rigor of the sterilization process.

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