iOT disinfection device renting system

 The renting system is specially developed for the disinfectant providers who get profit mainly from disinfectants sales . 

This function allows them to rent the disinfection devices to the hospitals or disinfection service makers by a low monthly fee ,  but the hospitals and disinfection service makers is obligated to buy the disinfectant from them . 

What if the the customers use the disinfectant providers’ device but without using their disinfectant ? 

With the iOT disinfection device renting system , you can avoid this situation by 2 steps .

Time deposit

Disinfectant provider can deposit time on the machine rent to a customer according disinfectant purchasing volume by the iOT disinfection device renting system , when the purchased disinfectant ordered get finished , machine will get blocked automatically if not redeposited .

Remote block

The master account can block the machine remote any disinfection devices under this account , when machine blocked remote , machine can not get start anymore even by hand .Only the master account can unblock .

disinfection Sharing system

Sharing function

Sharing function is the core of renting system , master account can share devices to operator account , then control , monitor all the parameters of devices shared and standardize the disinfection protocol remote .The user accounts can only operate the functin released by master account on the their own shared devices .

fasfrede sharing system