Abstract: Since 2020, the spread of COVID-19 in China and the world has caused hospitals and medical enterprises to remove aerosol pollution in addition to UV lamp disinfection and spraying disinfectant. In view of this contamination, it is very important to control and kill the virus at the source, so the introduction of hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology has become a fast and effective way. Tracing its history, hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology has been produced as early as 1980, and it was widely used in pharmaceutical and medical industries in 2020. The incident of hospital sensation in Foshan Shunde Hospital in 19 years has foreshadowed the promotion of the use of hydrogen peroxide sterilization equipment.

Background: Currently, the environment of COVID-19 infection, whether it is ambulance, fever clinic, isolation ward, pcr laboratory, all need the application of hydrogen peroxide, which also makes it necessary for hydrogen peroxide production enterprises to produce a variety of hydrogen peroxide equipment to meet the use of different environments. Among them, portable hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is widely used.


The device is small, only about the size of a rice cooker, which is convenient for medical staff to use and move to different Spaces.

Wireless remote intelligent control, manpower liberation, intelligent delay operation;

The sterilization volume can be up to 150 cubic meters, while the medical environment only needs 10-25 square meters.

Short sterilization time: 10-30mins, high efficiency, save time;

At the same time, for the professional reliability of hydrogen peroxide sterilization equipment, the state requires that the production enterprises must have the sanitary license of disinfection products, and the products themselves also need inspection reports and national disinfection product records. It can be seen that the popularization of hydrogen peroxide sterilization equipment has slowly become a trend.

The following is a sample of the technical parameters of portable hydrogen peroxide sterilizer suitable for the market

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