Microbiology laboratory refers to the places for microbial research, which are mainly used in microbiology, biomedical, biochemistry, animal experiments, genetic restructuring, and biological products. The infectious diseases erupted at the end of the year, the characteristics of the infectious virus were studied in the microbial laboratory, and then our country’s pharmaceutical companies could produce vaccines to protect us. my country can still completely control the virus until now. Laboratory credit is not small.
The biological laboratory needs to disinfect every time and after use. This is to ensure safety. You must know that many microorganisms do not see the naked eye, but the lethality is not small. To ensure the safety of outside personnel, the problem in case the laboratory leaks. However, this disinfection work has a headache for staff, because not only to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection, but also not harmful personnel and equipment, but now many laboratory uses formaldehyde fumigation. Its sterilization effect is good, but it is not safe to be safe Non -toxic side effects.

The disadvantages of formaldehyde disinfection are obvious. First of all, it takes a long time, the disinfection time is 12 hours, the resting is 4 hours, the exhaust wind is 8 hours, and it takes at least 24 hours to disinfect it. The multi -polyethylene polymer (white powder) appears, which is attached to the maintenance structure and the surface of the cleaning room. Within a few days after disinfection, the number of suspended ions will increase, and the formaldehyde polymer will gradually solve the formaldehyde. The harm is great, which will affect the health of the operator.
Therefore, formaldehyde disinfection is very troublesome for the laboratory that is often used, so is there a brand new method of sterilization and disinfection or non -toxic, no residual sterilization, disinfection agent, which can replace formaldehyde fumigation. Killing Black Cycular Bacteria, while heat -on -see -in -in -law, does not cause harm to personnel and equipment, easy to verify, and no residual? This disinfection technology has appeared, that is, the low concentration Hydrogen Peroxide dry mist disinfection technology. It is mainly used for the pathogen to eliminate the pathogen in the closed environment. Essence
Dry fog refers to the diameter of the particles less than 10 micron droplets. It can be bounced from the object watch and will not be ruptured to attach to the object table to make the object wet, and such small particles can easily evaporate. Drug residue. It does not sink to the ground for random movement, so it can reach all corners of the laboratory, making it difficult to achieve a good space and surface contact effect, and it will not gather together to form a liquid ball falling to the ground. Therefore, Hydrogen Peroxide dry fog particles can not only disinfect the object, but also eliminate the bacterial gas solids in the air.

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