When the epidemic was severe before, the number of cases increased every day, and people paid more and more attention to epidemic prevention, especially the disinfection of public places, such as stair handles, doors, elevator buttons, invisible corners, etc., and ordinary disinfection was used in some places. At this time, the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer equipment can come in handy. Why is the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer so powerful?

There are a lot of disinfection equipment in public places. Ordinary disinfection equipment can only disinfect the surface of objects, and there is no good treatment method for viruses in the air, especially dead spots. The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is different. It can atomize the disinfectant into atomized particles of 1-10 microns, so that all the disinfectant “floats” in the air. It can quickly break through the protective film of bacteria and viruses, and its benefits can reach the interior of bacteria and viruses. Hydrogen peroxide sterilizers can not only sterilize surfaces, but also kill bacteria and viruses in the air, preventing the spread of viruses through aerosols.

The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer uses low-concentration, high-purity hydrogen peroxide mist as a disinfectant. It is mainly used for the disinfection of pathogens in a closed environment, and the reconstruction of a clean and sterile environment. Air + ambient surface disinfection is completed at one time. it is safe,

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