Hydrogen peroxide is a light blue viscous liquid, can be miscible with water in any proportion, is a strong oxidant, water solution commonly known as hydrogen peroxide, colorless transparent liquid. Its aqueous solution is suitable for medical wound deDU, environmental deDU and food deDU. Under normal circumstances, it will slowly decompose into water and oxygen, but the decomposition rate is extremely slow. The way to accelerate the reaction speed is to add a catalyst, such as manganese dioxide, or irradiation with shortwave rays.

The purpose of hydrogen peroxide is divided into medical, political and industrial use of three kinds, daily du is medical hydrogen peroxide, medical hydrogen peroxide can kill intestinal bacteria, pyogenic coccus, pathogenic yeast, generally used for object surface du. Hydrogen peroxide is oxidizing

Hydrogen peroxide gas sensor module is a standardized and modular gas detection product independently developed and produced by Shenlog-6 Electronics. The main purpose is to solve the problems of various types of gas detection, incompatible gas sensors of various brands, complex production and calibration, and limited replacement of core components.

The intelligent hydrogen peroxide gas sensor module is small and easy to use, but it is full of black technology; The specific detection principle is as follows: first, the original hydrogen peroxide gas sensor imported from abroad is used for signal amplification, data processing and intelligent calculation, and then the full-range three-point temperature and humidity compensation is carried out. Then the data is calibrated with a high degree of standard gas. Therefore, the volume is smaller, the price is lower, the performance is more excellent and stable; After customer purchase, without any operation, without again calibration, can directly collect and process the standard signal (0-5V arbitrary voltage and TTL digital signal), uploaded to PLC, DCS, DDC, data acquisition instrument and other upper computer system

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