Hospital: isolation ward, fever clinic, sampling room, intensive care unit, sterile ward (burn department, hematology department, transplantation center), laboratory (biosafety laboratory), radiology CT room, operating room, morgue, 120 ambulance, etc

CDC: disinfection of microbiology laboratory, virus culture laboratory, mobile biosafety laboratory, field and field tents in epidemic areas

Transportation means: disinfection of public transportation means such as plane, bus, online car hailing and taxi

Educational institutions: school classrooms, kindergartens, training institutions, etc

Product features

Public places: hotels, hotel rooms, small meeting rooms, etc

The portable body can be equipped with rechargeable lithium battery pack for immediate use, which is suitable for emergency disinfection in various complex environments;

More advanced aerosol generator is used to efficiently generate hydrogen peroxide aerosol with particle size below 5um, and the diffusion is more uniform;

Lightweight design, the weight is more than 50% lighter than that of products with similar action space;

Low power consumption, the optional lithium battery pack can work continuously for 4-8 hours when fully charged;

Low noise, the noise during operation is far lower than that of air pump type and high-pressure fan type disinfectors.

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