What is Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger? How does it produce it?

① particles below 5 microns, it is easy to penetrate the respiratory tract until it reaches the alveolar cavity;

② particles below 10 microns are easy to reach below the door;

③ greater than 20 microns, because of the impact of gravity, it is not too far away and it is not easy to be inhaled.
The size of the gas solution determines the distance of the propagation. The smaller the Yingli grains, the farther the distance, and the longest distance can reach hundreds of meters.

The common is ** and sneezing, the droplets produced are the source of gas solids. If there is bacteria and viruses in the droplets, even if it is precipitated in the environment, if it is touched, there will be secondary transmission to infected people farther.

Simply put: Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger is more suspended and farther than the air communication. It’s like walking on the road to the smell of tobacco, but there are obviously no one around you. This is the gas drops of about hundreds of nanometer formed after the burning of tobacco.

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