Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection machine, Hydrogen Peroxide atomized disinfection machine, dry fog Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection machine news information is well known that hospitals are the main places to save wounds, cure diseases, and relieve pain. Regardless of the hospital, a large number of different patients with different patients are received every day; these patients may often carry a large number of bacteria, viruses or pathogens; if there is no sufficient supporting disinfection measures, the hospital will definitely change the hospital Become a bacterial and virus warehouse. When you go to the hospital, you will inevitably breathe the contaminated air, and you often come into contact with some contaminated places. It is easy to infect bacteria and get sick, but you often don’t know!
All in all, the cleaning of the hospital’s environment, the surface of the object and the air of the air directly related to the physical and mental health and life safety of the doctors and patients, and irregular cleaning and disinfection may cause multiple drug resistance. So, how should the hospital disinfection? In order to actively do a good job of hospital infection and control, strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic, and provide a cleaner and safe environment for patients and medical staff. State relevant norms, standards and regulations; shall improve and implement the disinfection management system, and regularly disinfect relevant items and environment. After disinfection, the relevant media residues meet the requirements of national or industry -related standards.

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