In the current epidemic situation, disinfection and sterilization are all-round without dead ends, people-oriented, and better than all special drugs. The eradication of all “bacteria” is the realm of high “purity”.

At present, the mobile shelter is the frontline fortress against the epidemic prevention and control, and it is very important to ensure the safety of the mobile shelter environment at all times. The square cabin mechanism is small and compact, and the attendance time is long, so the time left for disinfection of the square cabin is very tight.
We should stand in the perspective of scientific epidemic prevention in order to do a better job of disinfecting and killing in a more systematic way. Manual sterilization is mainly manual wiping and spraying. The machine adopts Brownian motion or gas volatilization to diffuse in all directions. The efficiency of manual terminal disinfection is more than 45% and the time is long. The terminal disinfection efficiency of the machine is more than 98% and the time is short, which is efficient, fast and convenient.

Next, the parameters of the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer that are more suitable for mobile cabin disinfection are introduced.
Low concentration disinfectant: suitable for 3-8% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, good environmental compatibility

Ultra-low spray particle size: average 1um (invisible to the naked eye), uniform disinfection effect

Lightweight and flexible equipment: easy to move, suitable for fast and small space use

Intelligent operation: multi-room disinfection parameter setting, one-key start

Remote start: wireless 10 meters start and stop

Fast disinfection time: 30-60 minutes on average

Technical principle:

The liquid injection system of Trane Bio TL-X150 uses a low-speed liquid injection pump to continuously and quantitatively supply disinfectant, and a high-speed fan provides a carrier gas with kinetic energy. When a small amount of liquid enters the nozzle at a low speed and encounters the carrier gas, the gas collides with the droplets and crushing, thus achieving the effect of sub-micron vaporization. Then through the strong power of the high-speed fan, the sub-micron particles are quickly transported to the distal end and spread to the entire space, so as to achieve the disinfection effect.

Scope of application:

Hospital laboratory PCR laboratory, sterile testing room, fever clinic, ward, operating room, ambulance, CT room, animal room, sterile pharmaceutical factory and other sterile environments

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