Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection machine is a disinfection device that specializes in using low concentrations and high-purity Hydrogen Peroxide as a disinfection solution. It can atomize Hydrogen Peroxide solution into a fine particles of 1-10 microns and spray it into the surface of the item and the air. Complete the disinfecting work. It is used to wrap the disinfection. If the package is a grid shape, then two units can be equipped with two, one spray one from the bottom to top, and the other will spray from top to bottom. This can ensure that the disinfection does Noodles can be surrounded by disinfection solution to complete disinfection work.

Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection machine is also very convenient for indoor environmental disinfection. As long as the disinfection machine is turned on, you can think of the indoor spraying. When the disinfection solution is covered with the room, the disinfection work can be completed. It can also eliminate the bacterial virus in the air and prevent the virus spread through gas solidar. The disinfection of air+environmental watch is completed at one time. It is safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, thorough, no dead ends, no residues, and is a brand new disinfection sterilization equipment. It can be moved and disinfected regularly, which is very convenient and reliable.

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