The air disinfection machine is also called “air purification disinfection machine or air disinfection” on the market. It is mainly combined with ultraviolet, ozone, photocatalytic, plasma, negative ions and other technologies to achieve the effect of eliminating air bacterial viruses. Air disinfection machine focuses on “disinfection”. It refers to the use of physical or chemical methods to eliminate or kill all pathogens and other harmful microorganisms except spores, or other harmful microorganisms except spores. One processing method.

First, use: This machine is used for closed space disinfection and purification.

Second, the mechanism of action: The sprayer can fillet the 320ml disinfectant per minute with a very delicate mist (less than 5 microns) in the room with a gas -soluble gum. With the weight gain of the dust particles, the weight of the dust will gradually settle down to purify the air.

Third, the applicable disinfectant: secondary ** water, acid oxidation potential water, 84 disinfectant, Hydrogen Peroxide, weak acid water, etc.

Fourth, advantages: disinfection fluid exists in the form of gas solution, without dead ends. Spray fast and lasting effects.

Fifth, applicable places: all closed spaces, especially the ward, bathroom, operating room, etc.

  1. Host structure: ultrasonic generator, spray system, etc.
  2. How to use:

Indoor air disinfection: 0.2%peroxylcetic acid or 3%Hydrogen Peroxide. Use an ultrasonic spray method. The dosage is calculated according to 10ml/m3 ~ 20ml/m 3 (or 1g/m 3). After 30 minutes of disinfection, it can be directly entered.

  1. Operation steps

a) Inject disinfection, pay attention to observation liquid level.

b) Start/stop, the machine starts with one-button type, and it takes 2-3 minutes to start that day.

c) Disinfection solution concentration: see the corresponding disinfection instruction manual

d) The relationship between the size of the room and the spray time

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