1. Pay attention to cell management and standardize operations

Regularly clean and disinfect the cell room, standardize the operations of laboratory personnel (such as wearing white coats, changing shoes, etc.), and create a clean culture environment.

  1. Avoid frequent battery checks

Make an experimental plan to reduce the frequency of opening and closing the incubator door, wear clean gloves when handling cells, and wipe the surface of the culture flask/dish with a small amount of 70% medical alcohol (too much will cause residual ethanol vapor in the incubator) , thereby reducing the risk of contamination of the cell incubator;

  1. Regular maintenance and disinfection to prevent contamination

Regularly clean and maintain the incubator. Use the incubator after water disinfection and change it regularly. When choosing an incubator, preference can be given to an incubator with automatic sterilization. Once the cell chamber is contaminated, it should be sterilized in time.

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