1. Before using the new machine, you must read the user manual carefully, at least clarify the precautions, power and safety precautions of the filter. The filter of general small machines must be removed before use and reinstalled after removal. Product manuals are always the easiest to be ignored, but after reading the instructions, you can quickly understand the performance and function of the product. The machine will not buy too long, and one day suddenly finds this function.
  2. Keep the air purification disinfectant from the wall. Put the purifier in a dry and ventilated place. A 15 -square -meter room can run for 2 hours a day.

The location of the air purification disinfection device must follow three principles. One is that it cannot be placed by the wall. The air purifier near the wall will affect the efficiency of clean air diffusion and reduce the purification effect. Especially if the negative ion air purifier is too close to the wall, the wall becomes black. Because negative ions can effectively adsorb the precipitated particles, the closer the negative ion launch area, the higher the concentration of the negative ion, and the more obvious the dust removal effect. When the negative ion air purifier is close to the wall, the dust that is adsorbed on the negative ion and the particles are attached to the wall, and the wall becomes black.

  1. Avoid direct contact when booting. Because the voltage is high, it is necessary to prevent electric shock. When treating diseases and breathing, it should be more than 0.3 meters away from the exhaust port. When not in use, unplugged the power, no one can turn on.
  2. Frequent air purifiers at home, cleaning the air, and using the most effective use with the air conditioner. When leaving the room, use a regular switch.

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