The equipment adopts the Venturi working principle, which does not need to be vaporized by heating. Small droplets with an average of 5 microns are sprayed with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide disinfection solution added to the equipment, and then evenly diffused into the sterilization space and object surface for disinfection and sterilization.

Product application environment:

Sterile pharmaceutical production workshop, microbiology testing laboratory, sterile SPF animal room, hospital fever clinic, nucleic acid laboratory, customs laboratory, university biology laboratory, cell room and other sterile environment.

Technical parameters of the product:

Working principle: Venturi atomization;

Suitable disinfectant: below 8% food grade hydrogen peroxide disinfectant and the corresponding sporocide;

Spray particle size: average 5 microns

Injection flow rate: 16-32ml/min(adjustable)

Operating voltage: 220V 50HZ

Liquid storage capacity: 5 liters

Equipment weight: 40kg

Sterilization volume: 250 cubic meters

Device volume: 330x360x980(mm)

Screen size: 7 inches

Control system: Intelligent all-in-one machine

Audit function: Data memory can store more than 1000 sterilization data, can choose a variety of sterilization mode, three passwords, etc

Parameter setting: Automatically calculate the results after setting the parameters, and support 10 groups of different sterilization parameters

Equipment housing: ABS engineering material

Add liquid function: built-in guide funnel, easy to add disinfection

Storage space: Built-in space for remote control and power supply

Control mode: wireless remote control, screen delay reservation

Movement mode: with 4 casters and integrated handrail

Liquid level function: with light liquid level display

Drain function: with drain valve, so that the disinfectant is not stored in the equipment

Optional functions: infrared ranging, high and low concentration hydrogen peroxide concentration sensor, hydrogen peroxide catalytic decomposition

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