Inteligent hydrogen peroxide disinfection validation indicator

H2O2 500
H2O2 500

Inteligent hydrogen peroxide disinfection validation indicator​

Best choice for H2O2 Disinfection Process Validation And H2O2 Concentration Detecting

It is an indispensable monitoring instrument in the dry-mist H2O2 and VHP disinfection process to monitor the progress and determine whether the hydrogen peroxide concentration in the space is  safe to humans. Built with high-sensitivity electrochemical hydrogen peroxide sensor, IOT technology and artificial intelligence calculation , which can detect the hydrogen peroxide concentration in real time and generate a concentration/time curve .

When used as the detection unit of the FFD IOT decontamination system ,the disinfection result can be validated in real time by IOT FFD disinfection cloud.  Multi units can be associated together for a multi points disinfection result validation.

Clear Advantages

Hand-Held Detection

Compact and easy to carry, the screen displays the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the air at real time

Wireless Communication

When used as a remote monitoring unit, device connected to Cloud by wireless ,no cable work to do

No Consumables

Analyzing the concentration/time curve , the disinfection result can be determined in real time, which can replace the test stripes.

Safe Value Notify

When H2O2  concentration reach to the safe value , smart phone will be notified automatically by IOT FFD disinfection cloud 

Remote Detection

Real-time monitoring of H202 by mobile phone APP or PC software with device at any point in air

Cloud Data Storage

Concentration/time curve will be generated and uploaded and stored in the IOT FFD disinfection cloud         

Multi Germ Validation

According to germ’s different resistance to hydrogen peroxide, it can be used to validate different germ’s disinfection validation                   

Multi Level Validation

According to different cumulative amount of H2O2 contacted  in Log 3 , Log 6 disinfection , it can be used to validate different disinfection level ‘s validation

Electro-Chemical IOT Disinfectant Detector

H2O2 500 equipped the high-precision European-made electrochemical hydrogen peroxide probe can collect relative concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the air,  upload data to the FFDTEC cloud platform via wireless/ wired network and generates curves. The system applied artificial intelligence algorithm can analyze the curve, and according to the resistance of different pathogens of hydrogen peroxide, it can make accurately decontamination results of different logarithm values, such as Bacillus stearothermophilus LOG 3, LOG 6 and so on.


With the hydrogen peroxide electrochemical indicator developed by FFDTEC, users can not only to check the hydrogen peroxide concentration in real time through smart phones, pc and on the web pages, but also they are able to verify the disinfection results of different pathogens through the system. Without consumables, intelligent disinfection can be achieved while accurately quantifying the hydrogen peroxide diffusion matched with FFDTEC disinfection device.

Lithium Battery

Free cable , easy connection

Independent Sensor And Control Panel

Multi gas sensor available

European-Made Sensor

Electro-chemical sensor from AlphaSense

European-Made Sensor

When double sensor are used , Temp , Humidity , VOC ,TVOC can be detected together with H2O2

Ethernet Connector

Ethernet connector is available , if used in a stationary application.

Technical specification

Power supply


Electrical power


Net weight




Control system

FFD disinfection system

Working temperature

8-50 ℃

Precision decay

5% per 2 years