FasFreDe disinfector management system

FasFreDe disinfector management system is developed to guarantee the disinfection result , standrize disinfection process . With this system we can track how , by whom and where is performed every single disinfection cycle , we can make sure every single disinfection cycle is done in the right way , we can check if the disinfection machine and disinfectant is in the correct state for achieving the expected disinfection result .

How to do it ? 

Data register and Sharing function

Devices communicate with server , register the working data and the server storage all the historical data . All the historical datas can be checked by the master account .

So this system is indispensable for professional disinfection service provider , Infection control department in the hospital , QA department in the pharmaceutical and food industry . With this system the responsable can easily monitor the status of every single unit and group and validate disinfection cycle and result . After disinfection cycle performed automatically , system generates a detailed disinfection report storaged in the cloud including : Theoretical and actual disinfectant consumption quantity , disinfection duration , operator name , disinfection batch , location ,data and time , disinfectant concentration / time curve . 

By analyzing the disinfectant concentration/time curve the cloud generate a report about if the disinfection purpose is achieved ,  because any question of the machine or disinfectant will change the curve .

Sharing function

Sharing function is the core of renting system , master account can share devices to operator account , then control , monitor all the parameters of devices shared and standardize the disinfection protocol remote .The user accounts can only operate the their own shared devices.

fasfrede sharing system