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why use UV-C LED for disinfection ?

UV-C is well known for its high biological decontamination efficiency particularly at 254 nm wavelength . But the mercury glass UV-C tube has some limits for its application : Fragile , Mercury risk , Heating, Preheat system and volume to installation . In contrast to the glass mercury UV-C , Led doesn’t have these problems , but right now its electrical-optical conversion is lower . 

FasFreDe dedicates to optimize the UV-C LED decontamination efficiency in water , surface treatment by innovative mechanism .

Safety : Safe to transport and safe to use , in the UV-C light source there is no fragile glass tube that is easy break in the transportation , there is no mercury in the UV-C LED source , so there is no heavy metal leakage risk during the usage and transport

Instant ON/OFF : During the usage , instant ON/OFF can save a lot off energies and create minimum heat that will damage the object surface and change water’s temperature

Wavelength :UV-C contains wavelength from 100 to 400 nm , UV-C at 254 nm is considered the most effective disinfection wavelength ,  UV-C led light source can fix the wavelength at 254 ±3nm which makes the disinfection efficiency much higher

Super compact : Thanks to LED chips characteristic, we can design  super compact structure for some strict installation applications 

What product we can provide you ?

Convex Spot light surface disinfection module


Water disinfection module for multi flowrate

Super light handle disinfection Beam light bar

Standard UV-C LED packaging 3.5 *3.5 mm and 6.8 *6.8 mm


Standard CHIP POWER : 20 mw /30 mw

Industrial design :

Standard water contact material :

Customizable metal halide optional

Crystal IS optional

40 mw optional


Food grade Steel Inox and glass

Just give us an Idea , we provide you a final product !

UV-C water purifier

We can provide a super fast prototype delivery service -2 weekes According to your application request of wavelength ,  lightsource surface , optical power , control logic and installation details ,after industrial design is confirmed .