1. Cold plasma is a kind of aggregated substance, which is different from the “solid”, “liquid” and “gas” substances in common sense. It is the fourth state of substances. When its high-energy electrons collide with molecules in the air, a series of elementary physicochemical reactions will occur, and a variety of active free radicals and ecological oxygen will be generated in the reaction process, namely atomic oxygen generated by ozone decomposition. Active free radicals can effectively destroy nucleic acids and proteins in various viruses and bacteria, making them unable to carry out normal metabolism and biosynthesis, thus causing their death; Ecological oxygen can quickly decompose or reduce various macromolecular odorous gases into low molecular weight harmless substances; In addition, with the coagulation of ions and objects in the plasma, fine particles as small as submicron can be effectively collected.
  2. The cold plasma air purifier will produce ozone when it is working, and the ozone will decompose the oxygen in its state. Ozone is a recognized highly effective air germicide, which is harmful to human health when reaching a certain concentration, not only has a bad smell, but also may cause cancer. The Indoor Air Quality Standard of China stipulates that the concentration of ozone must be less than 0.16mg/m3. Because of the instability of ozone and its short existence time, it can not only continuously kill bacteria and viruses, but also keep the ozone concentration in the air at a safe level, which is harmless to human beings.

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