The decontamination center is fully functional and can accommodate at least two ambulance teams on duty at the same time to meet the needs of first aid. After the vehicle enters the decontamination area, it can be disinfected on the vehicle surface and inside the vehicle, and the personnel accompanying the vehicle can also leave through the dedicated channel. The personnel passage is equipped with a polluted area, a semi-contaminated area, a shower cleaning area and a cleaning area, which realizes the separation of the medical waste transportation channel and the personnel cleaning channel, and avoids the occurrence of infection to a great extent. At the same time, the generated sewage will be concentrated in the underground reservoir of the sewage treatment system through the pollution channel, and the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer will be sterilized and discharged to the outside to prevent bacteria and viruses from polluting the external environment. It provides a clean, hygienic and safe space for the doctors and patients in the ambulance, and also provides a strong guarantee for the prevention and control work, creates an excellent traffic environment, and provides a strong guarantee for the health of medical staff and patients.

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