The commonly used disinfectants for COVID-19 include alcohol disinfectants, iodine disinfectants, peroxide disinfectants, chlorine disinfectants, phenol disinfectants, guanidine disinfectants, etc; The disinfection methods include surface disinfection, medical instrument disinfection, air disinfection, hand disinfection, skin and mucous membrane disinfection, and focus disinfection. It is suggested that disinfectants should be used reasonably during the epidemic prevention and control period to avoid abuse, otherwise improper use may damage health. During the epidemic, attention should be paid to personal protection, and try not to go to crowded public places.

For the sterilization of high temperature resistant medical instruments or tableware, high temperature method can be used. For skin disinfection, alcohol, iodophor and chlorine containing disinfectant can be used. 84 disinfectant solution can be used for disinfection of ground and air. Pay attention to safety during disinfection, for example, pay attention to fire prevention when using alcohol for disinfection. At the same time, patients with asthma and other diseases should avoid breathing gas with irritating odor during disinfection.

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