Air disinfector is a machine that can sterilize air by filtering, purifying, sterilizing and other principles.

Some models can kill bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and other harmful substances, remove formaldehyde, phenol and other harmful substances indoors, and kill and filter allergens such as pollen. At the same time, it can effectively remove the peculiar smell brought by smoking, cigarette smell, toilet, human body, etc. The machine has good germicidal performance, and can be used to sterilize when there are people moving, so as to achieve the goal of man-machine coexistence.

2、 Principle

The electrolytic ozone generator is used to output ozone in the form of micro nano particles through a high-speed micro nano ion machine under the condition of ozone output.

3、 Characteristics

It is characterized by uniform diffusion range, large ion coverage and no blind area.

4、 Disinfection technology used

  1. Ultraviolet

Irradiate bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms with ultraviolet light to destroy their DNA structure, resulting in their immediate death or loss of reproductive capacity

  1. Photocatalyst

Under the action of ultraviolet light, the surface of titanium dioxide will form “holes” and negative charges. The “holes” will combine with the water vapor in the air to form a strong alkaline “hydroxide”. This “oxygen free radical” can decompose formaldehyde and benzene in the air to generate harmless water and carbon dioxide. The negative oxygen ions combine with the oxygen in the air to produce “active oxygen”, which can destroy the cells of bacterial cells and the proteins in cells, thus achieving the functions of sterilization, detoxification and decomposition of harmful gases.

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