The air dynamic disinfector, that is, the NICOLER sterilization technology, originated in Greek, originally meant “the victorious people”, but now it refers to a disinfection method for simultaneous operation of human and machine on the same site: for air disinfection, people do not need to leave the disinfection place, and there is no harm to human body while disinfection and sterilization, this disinfection method is called “dynamic disinfection”; It is also called “NICOLER sterilization technology” because it is a successful practice for human beings to defeat natural biology through science and technology.

NICOLER sterilization technology is based on the actual characteristics of the production workshop, such as high humidity, high temperature and high odor, and adopts the latest NICOLER three-stage two-way plasma electrostatic field working principle. The disinfection process is as follows: reverse electric effect is generated by the plasma electrostatic field through high-voltage DC pulse to generate a large amount of plasma. Under the action of the negative pressure fan, when the polluted air passes through the plasma electrostatic field, the negatively charged bacteria are killed and decomposed, so that the controlled environment remains in the “sterile and dust-free” standard. Because people can work in the workshop at the same time when disinfecting the workshop, this kind of disinfector is called “NICOLER dynamic disinfector”. The machine is an advanced disinfection equipment, which has no harm to human body, and is mainly used for synchronous dynamic sterilization and disinfection when someone is working; In recent years, this equipment is also widely used in the packaging, cooling and filling links of some large food, medicine, cosmetics and other enterprises.

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