As we all know, a hospital is a place for diagnosing and treating various diseases and saving lives; however, a hospital is also a special environment public place where various patients and pathogens gather. Therefore, there are many opportunities for cross-infection between patients and between medical staff and patients. Many patients go to the hospital for medical treatment, especially fearing that they will be harmed by nosocomial infection. Medical staff also have such concerns. So, what disinfection methods can be used in hospital ICU rooms and infectious disease rooms to kill pathogenic microorganisms quickly and safely? Completely kill multi-resistant bacteria and prevent nosocomial infections. Hospital infection incidents occur frequently, and it is imperative to do a good job in infection control. Advanced hydrogen peroxide disinfection technology provides strong help for hospital infection.

  1. The sterilization effect is good, and the biological indicator challenge reduces the log value by 6lg, which can completely kill MRSA, VRE, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, spores, viruses and multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria (Acinetobacter baumannii) in the environment. );
  2. Rapid space sterilization, which takes less time than fumigation, realizes faster closed space sterilization measures, and improves bed turnover efficiency;
  3. Dry mist gas less than 5 microns has good diffusivity and can spread to every corner. Brownian motion is performed in the air, and the disinfection dry mist is pervasive, specially dealing with ubiquitous pathogenic microorganisms;
  4. The disinfection dry fog is stable relative to the general H2O2, the natural loss is small, the maintained sterilization concentration is uniform, and it is basically not affected by temperature and environmental humidity (only real dry fog can achieve this);
  5. Colorless, non-toxic, no residue, safe and reliable; good material compatibility, no corrosive effect on room facilities and items;
  6. Small size, light weight, simple operation, flexible movement to meet different space requirements
  7. High cost performance, saving disinfection and operating costs, low cost, and easier approval.
  8. Widely used in infectious disease room, ICU room, operating room, laboratory, microbiology room, cell culture room and ambulance, etc.;
    To sum up, the hydrogen peroxide dry mist sterilizer is always on standby and can be dispatched to any area that needs to be sterilized to replace medical workers in high-risk environments, quickly solve the tasks of sterilization and terminal sterilization at any time, and complete infection control. It is widely used in Hospital operating room, intensive care unit (ICU), neonatal room, general protective isolation room, sterile area of ​​supply room, nephrology/hemodialysis department, burn ward, fever clinic, ambulance

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