About FasFreDe

FasFreDe Decontamination technology co,.LTD

FasFreDe (Fast ,Free toxic ,Decontamination)located in Dongguan with 15 mechanical , electrical and software engineers , we are a company providing indoor air and surface decntamination solution.

We are divided in 3 deparments :

  • disinfection device manufacture : We produce hydrogen peroxide gasification and dry-mist difuser , Plasma air disinfection device , UVC-LED disinfection Unit and inteligent disinfection validation indicators 
  • PADI(programmable automatic disinfection by Iot) software development We develop softwares not only for our devices but also for combinating the best disinfection devices with the best user experience and scientific protocol . (e.g. For example manufacture A produce high quality hydrogen peroxide difussor , Manufacture B produce hydrogen peroxide vapour sensor , Manufacture C produce hydrogen peroxide catalyzer ,but from the point of user experience , for a complete protocol of disinfection , users need to difuse hydrogen peroxide with difuser then when difussion is finished , user have to calculate time with a “timer” , then start catalyzer and when catalyzing is finished user have to measure if the concentration of Hydrogen peroxide inside is in the safe value for going inside, with our PADI what you need to do is only start system ,when hydrogen peroxide arrivals to a safe value , you will be noticed by APP  ) This software is compatable to all the devices by adding only our comunication model  .
  • customized automatic disinfection solution service:  With our devices and PADI system we can satisfy any requirement of disinfection solution ,( From a small laboratory to a big airport From viruses to endospore  From daily disinfection to 6-log bio-decontamination  )


In the last five years, we have been constantly exploring how to use a method that is simple enough for children to operate, so that every disinfection can completely kill pathogens without dead ends, thereby effectively controlling infection, without leaving risks to the environment and human health. So we have launched PADI, a digital disinfection system based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Through this system, a professional 6-log disinfection cycle without dead ends is as simple as turning on the TV .

As of May 2022, we have provided this safe, effective and simple disinfection method to more than 100 medical and professional disinfection organizations in 34 countries around the world

Our vision

Free touch , Free breath

Our mission

Make high level disinfection easy , safe ,effective and fast .