Dynamic hydrogen peroxide workstation reduces strawberry beverage production cost
Strawberries are sour, sweet and delicious. With the development of modern agricultural technology, we can eat delicious strawberries almost all year round, and can also make strawberry drinks. If the production workshop is unsanitary, the strawberry beverage will also be contaminated by microorganisms, leading to anquan problems such as food spoilage.

The use of dynamic hydrogen peroxide workstation, dual-core ozone generator and risk factor blocking measures can quickly sterilize, reduce food disinfection and strawberry beverage production costs, and take into account the food anquan of strawberry beverages, without affecting the shelf life of the food.

Strawberries contain many nutrients and healthy components, so they should not be handled at high temperatures for long periods of time. In the production process of strawberry beverage, it is not suitable to use high temperature and high pressure sterilization for 120/20 minutes, because this will destroy the health care components in strawberries and affect the health care function of strawberries. Therefore, the sterilization intensity should be reduced, that is, the sterilization temperature and time should be reduced.

The use of dynamic hydrogen peroxide workstations can sterilize production workshops, food equipment, production tools and other environments. It helps to control the contamination of strawberry drinks and other foods by microorganisms, and reduces the difficulty of sterilization, thereby reducing the sterilization intensity and better retaining the nutrition and health care components in strawberry drinks.

The use of the dynamic hydrogen peroxide workstation is simple. The tap water is introduced into the dynamic hydrogen peroxide workstation, and the flowing water is dynamic hydrogen peroxide without adding any chemical disinfectant. Dynamic hydrogen peroxide contains superoxide, which is a strong oxidant, and has the effect of gaoxiao sterilization and disinfection, which can improve the sanitation quality of production, living and office places.

The dynamic hydrogen peroxide is widely used and can replace the 84 disinfectant (NaClO), chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and other disinfectants used in the production workshop. In addition, it is more convenient to use dynamic hydrogen peroxide, which can now be produced, 2-6 tons of dynamic hydrogen peroxide per hour, and the cost is only 0.5 yuan/ton.

Dynamic hydrogen peroxide workstation, also known as dynamic hydrogen peroxide preparation machine and dynamic hydrogen peroxide production machine, can be used to produce strawberry drinks and other foods. In the process of use, bixu masters the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and the contact time of hydrogen peroxide and items.

In the process of strawberry beverage processing, the dynamic hydrogen peroxide workstation is activated to prepare dynamic hydrogen peroxide, which can quickly kill bacteria, molds, yeasts and other microorganisms in the food workshop, greatly reduce the number of planktonic bacteria and sedimentary bacteria in the food workshop, and reduce the surface of strawberry food contents. The number of microorganisms precipitated. In this way, the sterilization temperature, sterilization time and sterilization pressure of strawberries before and after packaging and sealing can be reduced, thereby reducing the sterilization intensity, reducing the damage degree of functional components in strawberries, and better retaining the health-care substances in strawberries. The application of hydrogen peroxide preparation machine can not only reduce the sterilization time and pressure, but also save the cost of food sterilization and disinfection, thereby reducing the production cost of strawberry drinks and other foods, increasing the profits of food companies, and will not shorten the shelf life of food.

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