1. According to the applicable area

The scope of the air disinfection machine with different power is different. If the room is large, you should choose the air disinfection machine with a large air volume of the unit.

  1. According to the disinfection function

The manufacturer said that according to the air environment of the community and the appropriate purification effect selection, the required function is required. The main functions of air disinfection machines are disinfection, sterilization, filtration, purification, etc. Different products have many functions.

Sterilization: Suitable for long -term non -ventilated rooms. Main hazards: bacteria are human natural enemies.

Oxygen: Suitable for dry indoor environment. Advantages: Appropriate humidification can stabilize the moisture, paper and textiles in the wood, reduce the risk of fire and static power, and make the area feel comfortable and safe.

Division of formaldehyde: suitable for the indoor environment of the newly renovated. Main hazards: formaldehyde is a poisonous plasma, which can be combined with protein. After inhaling high -concentration formaldehyde, severe stimulation and edema, eye tingling, headache and bronchial disease may occur in the respiratory tract. Granules with a particle size of less than 3.5 microns can inhale the bronchial and alveoli of the human body and sedse it, causing or aggravating respiratory diseases.

Smoke: Suitable for smokers or dust.

  1. According to purification and disinfection

The manufacturer said that according to the method of purification and disinfection, it is mainly divided into three categories: HEPA (high -efficiency air purification), plasma and nanoe (nano -water ions).

Plasma: The process of air purification is divided into two steps: sterilization and filtration. (1) First, the air purifier will release a large amount of H positive ions and O2 negative ions before work. After adsorption with bacteria with positive or negative charge in the air in the air, the chemical reactions generate OH hydroxyl ion activity oxygen, which can destroy the protein in the bacterial cells, thereby eliminating the biological activity of the bacteria. (2) The disinfected air enters a layer of filtering device. The output is clean and humid air, and there are almost no germs, dust, formaldehyde and odor.

HEPA (efficient air purification): HEPA high -density filter material is also one of the advanced air filter materials in the field of air purification. Therefore, remind consumers to choose products with this technology when buying. It can well filter and absorb pollutants above 0.3 microns. It has a strong purification ability for smoke, inhaled particulate matter, and bacterial virus, and the additional catalytic activated carbon has a good purification effect on odor and harmful gases.

Nanoe (nano -water ions): The production of nano -water ions first requires nano -water ion generator to condense water, and then separates the water molecules by applying a high -voltage -generated water purification particles. Nano -water ions can spread indoors with the purified air. Can make the indoor air environment fresher and comfortable.

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