1. The principle of dynamic air disinfection machine

The dynamic air disinfection machine is a device that sucks indoor bacterial air into the machine under dynamic human conditions, and rapidly kills microorganisms using high concentration ionized particles generated by a Nicoler electric field. When disinfecting the air, people can produce and live indoors at the same time, without any harm to the human body; Therefore, this disinfection technology is also known as food dynamic disinfection technology.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of dynamic air disinfection machines

The dynamic air disinfection machine has the following advantages

(1) Wide application range: The dynamic air disinfection machine can disinfect microorganisms in the air, surface bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, with a wide application range.

(2) Stable sterilization effect: The dynamic air disinfection machine has a stable sterilization effect and can maintain air cleanliness for a long time.

(3) Easy to operate: The dynamic air disinfection machine is easy to operate and only requires regular cleaning of the electrode plate.

However, dynamic air disinfectors also have the following drawbacks:

(1) Several are more expensive: Compared to plasma air disinfection machines, dynamic air disinfection machines are more expensive..

(2) The weight of the machine itself is large: The dynamic air disinfection machine weighs up to 100kg. Due to its precise module composition, its overall weight is relatively large. Fortunately, there are wheels designed below, which can move freely.

(3) High maintenance cost: The dynamic air disinfection machine has passed the safety evaluation report of the Ministry of Health’s disinfection products and belongs to the disinfection equipment category. Therefore, there are strict maintenance procedures, which are relatively expensive.

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