In the workshop environment disinfection of pharmaceutical factories, many enterprises use formaldehyde fumigation sterilization method, which is cheap and has strong sterilization ability. However, the disadvantages of formaldehyde, such as high toxicity, strong hazard, inconvenient operation, and harm to the health of employees, are being recognized and eliminated by more and more enterprises. European pharmaceutical companies ban the use of formaldehyde. Sterilization experts and practical application needs integrate new technical solutions for the disinfection of workshop environments in pharmaceutical factories. The advantages of dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer used in the environmental disinfection of pharmaceutical factory workshops are introduced, and the principle, composition, use and verification of the dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer system are expounded. The problems that should be paid attention to in the selection of space sterilization equipment for environmental disinfection in pharmaceutical workshops are analyzed. The sterilization effect, corrosivity and residue of hydrogen peroxide instead of formaldehyde for space sterilization, which are concerned by environmental disinfection personnel in pharmaceutical factory workshops, are expounded in detail.
Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer has been used in European pharmaceutical workshops for nearly 20 years. Especially in recent years, dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer has developed rapidly in the environment where the EU restricts the use of formaldehyde for space sterilization. . For the first time, the concept of hydrogen peroxide sterilization was proposed for the workshop of a pharmaceutical factory. Although it cannot be quickly popularized to various categories, we have been able to see the entire industry, whether it is managers or participants, from the abandonment of formaldehyde disinfection and sterilization in the European Union. Everyone is trying to find a product that can replace formaldehyde for sterilization.
Verification of sterilization efficacy of dry fog hydrogen peroxide sterilizer system
The sterilization effect of the atomized hydrogen peroxide sterilization system is verifiable. Through the biological indicator challenge test, according to the regulations in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus stearothermophilus were used as the challenge test bacteria. The ability to kill various microorganisms in the process of bacteria.
Simply increase the cost of upfront purchase of equipment. Problems that can be solved: shorter outage time; simpler and more convenient operation; better protection of personnel and more comfortable working environment; conducive to improving production efficiency and maintaining the stability of personnel.
To sum up, as some insurmountable problems of formaldehyde fumigation are not accepted by people, they are gradually abandoned in production, and under the background of hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology becoming more and more mature, hydrogen peroxide is used in pharmaceutical factory workshop environment to sterilize space. The application of sterilization will be accepted and adopted by more and more people. This sterilization method will completely replace traditional formaldehyde fumigation with its obvious advantages. Become the new direction and new normal of microbial control in the future.

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