Many people have some misunderstandings about medical air disinfectors and feel that medical air disinfectors are useless. In fact, the places where air disinfectors are often used are mainly hospitals, and the hospitals themselves have high requirements for products, so if you buy medical air disinfectors produced and sold by regular manufacturers, you need not worry too much.

1、 The killing effect of medical air disinfector on microorganisms

The sterilization process of medical air sterilizer can be simply described as four steps, namely corona discharge, bacterial charging, floating dust migration and plate deposition. The high-voltage electrostatic field of the sterilizer is a combined honeycomb high-voltage electrostatic field, which can crush the bacterial capsule and has bactericidal effect. Bactericidal rate of aerosol chamber ≥ 99.90%.

  1. Mechanism of killing microorganisms

When microorganisms (aerosols) attached to the dust surface pass through the high-voltage electric field (electric field intensity is (8.5-10) kV/cm2), they can be polarized into charged aerosol surges and rapidly accumulate on the dust surface Dipole and neutralizing discharges. After the dust accumulates, it kills microorganisms in the electric field, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and dust removal.

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