In many practices, it has been found that negative air ions have multiple functions of purifying air and killing viruses and bacteria. In the air, negative ions are negatively charged. They are absorbed positively and negatively with positively charged floating dust (PM2.5), aerosols and other substances, and combine with each other to allow them to settle rapidly and prevent them from gathering in the air, thus cutting off the route of COVID-19 virus infection and greatly reducing the probability of virus infection; On the other hand, small particle size negative ions can change the potential inside and outside the capsid of COVID-19 virus or reverse the polarity of the potential inside and outside, killing it directly.

Air negative ions have high activity and strong reduction effect. The release of air negative ions can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria or the activity of active enzymes in cell protoplasm, so as to achieve the purpose of antibacterial and sterilization. The experiment found that the use of air anion can effectively kill H1N1, H3N2 and other influenza viruses, EV71 hand foot mouth virus, COX-B3 Sarkozy virus, AD3, HSV-1 herpes virus, etc., and also kill RNA virus, DHA virus, including enveloped virus, non enveloped virus, rotavirus, COVID-19.

The emergence of air anion technology disinfection and sterilization mode has truly realized harmless killing of microorganisms; At present, it is the only non high-temperature, non oxidative, non ultraviolet harmless micro destruction method, especially suitable for places where people gather, and people do not need to avoid, it can kill microorganisms in a long-term and sustainable manner.

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