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When installing a ceiling air disinfection machine, it must be considered as a height problem. The height of its ceiling must be in the process of installation. The thickness of the ceiling air disinfection machine is increased by 50 mm, or even 60 mm. If the height of the ceiling cannot be reached, it will affect the installation of the air disinfection machine.

Ceiling air disinfection machine

The ceiling air disinfection machine has a certain innovation in design. It is installed on the ceiling and requires ventilation pipelines to achieve wide -angle air supply. In this design, its speed adjustment is very fast. The panel is fixed in a special method and has a sealing material to enhance the confinement. This panel structure has better performance in terms of noise reduction and intensity, and is suitable for places with higher air quality requirements.

Ceiling air disinfection machines do not affect indoor decoration, which can save space and air disinfection machines relatively beautiful. It can be said that many people’s eyes have no way to find the installation position of ceiling air disinfection machine. When using it, make sure the gas must be dry, otherwise it will burn out

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