I believe everyone is familiar with hydrogen peroxide, so do you know how to store hydrogen peroxide in daily life? Please follow the editor of the hydrogen peroxide manufacturer to find out.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse away from fire, heat and direct sunlight. The storage temperature should not exceed 30℃. It is isolated from various strong oxidants, flammable liquids and flammable substances. Maintenance:

1. Warehousing acceptance: check whether the packaging is contaminated with oil or other organic matter, the packaging is complete, there is no leakage or damage, the large and small containers must have air vents, and the items are colorless and transparent without precipitation impurities.

2. Stacking thatch pads: In wooden boxes and plastic barrels, first remove the outer packaging wooden box, stack the plastic barrels on a special iron pallet (with brackets), operate with a forklift or a palletizer, and stack three pallets High, such as direct bare barrel stacking, it can be directly stacked on the ground or paved with a layer of cement strips, three barrels high. The wooden box can be coded and the determinant is smaller in stack shape, the stack height is less than 2.5m, the stack distance is 80~90cm, and the wall distance and column distance are 30cm.

3. In-warehouse inspection: In addition to conscientiously carrying out safety inspections before and after work, in-store quality inspections should also be carried out every three months. The inspection content is the same as the in-store acceptance. If problems are found, maintenance measures should be taken in time.

4. Temperature and humidity management: In the hot season, you can use the door in the morning and evening to ventilate and cool down, or take cooling measures such as sealing the warehouse or painting the outside of the wall to keep the temperature in the warehouse not exceeding 30 °C.

5. Safe operation: The operator wears work clothes and gloves. Pay attention to light handling and handling, and do not fall, throw or impact. 6. Storage period: 1 year.

Note: The fire can be put out with mist water, and the scene should be washed with plenty of water after the fire is extinguished. For skin burns, rinse with plenty of water.

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