The rabbit’s ear canal is very long, which is easy to hide dirt and parasites. Ear mites are common parasites in the ear canal. When a rabbit is found to have ear mites, it can be washed with hydrogen peroxide to wipe off some of the dirt on its surface. However, it is not enough to remove rabbit ear mites with hydrogen peroxide, and more appropriate measures need to be taken. The corresponding treatment measures are shared below, and pet owners who lack experience in this area can make appropriate reference.

  1. Isolation and good hygiene

Ear mites are contagious. When a rabbit at home is found to have ear mites, isolate it as soon as possible to prevent infection of other healthy rabbits or animals. After isolating the rabbit, start cleaning and disinfection as soon as possible. After cleaning the cage and the place where the rabbit often moves, spray it with disinfectant. Its common items should also be cleaned, disinfected, dried and disinfected. Keep the cage ventilated and dry to avoid humidity and stuffiness. Rabbit feces should be cleaned up in time.

Second, deal with rabbit ears as soon as possible

After sanitation, help the rabbit to deal with the ears. Rabbits with ear mites will have dark, hard scabs on their ears, so don’t dig hard to avoid ear bleeding. Vegetable oil can help them soften tough scabs, and wiping them with a wipe can clean up better. Then, pick up the bunny ears and put some bunny blue in the ears. After standing for a minute, let the rabbit’s ears move freely and let it throw the liquid out on its own. zuihou wipe off with a clean wipe.

Three, pay attention to strengthen the nutrition of rabbits

Rabbits are prone to ear mites when their resistance is weak. Pet owners should pay attention to strengthening diet and nutritional management, and avoid feeding rabbit food alone. They can choose some of yourzhi grass for the rabbits to eat, such as alfalfa, hay, pasture, ryegrass. They can also feed some fresh fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, vegetable leaves, lettuce leaves, etc., pay attention to washing and draining before feeding, and provide clean drinking water for the rabbits to drink.

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