From the perspective of disinfection, the effect of disinfection work depends on the equipment and disinfectant used on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also depends on the willingness of disinfectants to use and the implementation level of disinfection measures. From the perspective of specific disinfection operators, a good disinfection method of hydrogen peroxide disinfection system should have the following characteristics:

  1. The effect must be guaranteed: As a laboratory that can come into contact with infectious viruses, killing stubborn microorganisms is a basic requirement;
  2. Simple to use: The experience of disinfection laboratories in various hospitals tells us that to improve the effect of disinfection, the use of time and quantity is the key link. Therefore, a simple, easy-to-use and portable product is a must. In this way, it is convenient for employees to use, and the required disinfection frequency and effect can be implemented;

3 Legality: Ordinary P3 laboratories can be ignored, but when it comes to hospitals, it must have the approval procedures prescribed by law. After September 2014, my country adopted a filing system for disinfection equipment. Therefore, products entering the hospital (strict In the sense of all links) must have legal filing procedures and materials;

  1. No side effects: It cannot be corrosive to laboratory equipment, instruments, and the environment. It is harmless to the human body after use and does not produce peculiar smell. The disinfectant medium is safe, with authoritative safety testing reports;

5 Be able to provide a tailored solution, preferably a disinfection implementation tailored to specific needs.

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