Dettol hydrogen peroxide: Dettol hydrogen peroxide is a professional hydrogen peroxide. Its main ingredient is called p-chlorometaxylenol, which can be used for skin disinfection, clothing disinfection and household disinfection.

Hydrogen peroxide 84: Hydrogen peroxide 84 is not hydrogen peroxide in the strict sense, the main component is sodium hypochlorite, which is often used for washing dishes, fruits and vegetables, etc. to disinfect their surfaces.

It can be seen that Dettol focuses on sterilization, and 84 focuses on disinfection.

The obvious difference between sterilization and disinfection is that sterilization will not cause harm to items, while disinfection will cause certain damage to items. Dettol colleagues will not harm clothes, furniture, etc. during the sterilization operation. However, 84 will corrode the fibers of clothing while sterilizing. If it is not a family member of a seriously ill patient, it is recommended to use 84 hydrogen peroxide with caution. Disinfection at home should be diluted in strict accordance with the prescribed ratio.

So, Dettol hydrogen peroxide is better than 84 hydrogen peroxide, it depends on where the parents use it. However, if it is used to wash the baby’s clothes, it is recommended not to use 84 hydrogen peroxide, which is not good for the baby’s skin.

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