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Private lable Tunnel plasma air purification and disinfection machine

FasFreDe air purification system uses :

Plasmageneration :   HPSD(High-speed Pulsed Surface Discharge)  or Bi-polar ionization modules for plasma generation  

UV :   UV-A photocatalyst or UVC 

Air blower :   High flow rate bi-entrance air blower 

Filtration : Active Carbon , Hepa Filter , Catalyst Filter

According customer ‘s different preference we can customize the air purification machine by different combination of the Plasma , UV , Air blower and Filtration  .

For example , 

Bipolar + UVA photocatalyst + Middle flow rate Air blower + Carbon and Hepa  is a perfect choice for VOC , TVOC and Allergen decontamination  

HPSD + UVA photocatalyst + High flow rate Air blower + Catalyst filter is the best choice for biological decontamination up to 5-log  


Tunnel air purification

Plasma ionization air purification , disinfection , decontamination system

Tunnel air purification technology 

Keep the decontamination process in the tunnel

By adjusting the specific concentration of plasma and UVA wavelengths combined photocatalyst , as well as the action time of the two treatment methods, the disinfection effect of 1+1>2 can be achieved: the sterilization effect of using plasma and ultraviolet  in combination is much greater than using 2 times any single method .

We use High-speed Pulsed Surface Discharge to act on the oxygen and water vapor in the air to form a high density “plasma tunnel” trillions ions , when the air pass in this tunnel with microorganisms  VOC, TVOC and odor , a large number of basic chemical bonds are destroyed. The remaining damaged microorganisms and other substances enter the UVA treating unit , during this contact time less than 1 second , all the microorganisms are inactivated then discharged with the air , the remaining reactive oxygen species as ozone , OH. and HO2 will filtered by a special filter , so there will be no impact on the indoor environment and people inside

Chemical , Phisycal and Biological decontamination all in one machine

Air decontamination is composed by chemical , phisycal and biological decontamination ,  it is a important issue but not that complicated . 

Chemical pollution in the air :  VOC , TVOC are the most talked air chemical pollution caused by the materials we use in the indoor objects  . They are all organic compounds that can causes espiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders and memory impairment . When Voc and Tvoc meets plasma , particularly radical oxygen species and UV-A + photocatalyst , they will decompose to water and CO2 .

Phisycal pollution in the air : PM 2.5 , Aerosol allergens  are the most common air physical pollution , normally it’s a seasonal pollution that causes severe rhinitis , as same as chemical pollutions , they can be decontaminated by the Hepa and negative ions . 

Biological pollution in the air : The Covid- 19 makes all the world know that viruses transmits also in the air by the aerosols , it is actually happend and happenning always, but not only covid-19 spread  by aerosols ( airborne ) ,  also Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)–CoV, influenza virus, human rhinovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus … get influenced by the airborne. What we can use for the micro organisms decontamination ?    Oxygen and water plasma as ozone , OH. and HO2 are super effective against to the micro organisms . When the viruses meet a certain quantity of these ions , they will be killed or inactivated  , if the quantity of these ions is high enough ,  this biological decontamination process can be done in a contact time of milliseconds .

Some examples