How much do you know about the pros and cons of industrial hydrogen peroxide?
To most ordinary people, chemicals are strange things. Wuxi hydrogen peroxide with higher concentration (more than 10%) is used in textile, leather, paper, and wood manufacturing industries as bleaching and deodorizing agents. Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the components of hair dyes, and is also used as a material for synthesizing organic raw materials (catechol), medicine, metal surface treatment agent, polymerization initiator, etc. Can also be used as rocket propellant. Industrial hydrogen peroxide is another hydrogen oxide besides water. The viscosity is slightly higher than that of water, and the chemical properties are unstable. Generally, it is stored in the form of a 30% or 60% aqueous solution, and its aqueous solution is commonly known as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing properties and is weakly acidic. Hydrogen peroxide manufacturers are mainly used for sterilization and external medical purposes, such as wound disinfection. The best ratio for testing blood: 6% hydrogen peroxide plus 0.005% methylene blue. If we introduce a chemical, we may say nothing, or we may only say one use. For example, our common hydrogen peroxide, many people have only used medical hydrogen peroxide for disinfection. In fact, there are many types of hydrogen peroxide. Did you know that hydrogen peroxide is harmful to the human body?

First of all, to explain what hydrogen peroxide is, hydrogen peroxide is an aqueous solution that has different names depending on the proportion and impurity content used in different industries. For example, industrial hydrogen peroxide, medical hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Hydrogen peroxide is highly corrosive and enters the human body mainly through skin contact, inhalation and ingestion. No matter how it is invaded, it will cause harm to the human body. Depending on the concentration, the damage is different. But it is still 10 million to avoid direct contact with the human body. The kitchen purifiers usually used in the house basically contain hydrogen peroxide. You must be careful not to be easily obtained by children, otherwise it may cause personal injury.

Although hydrogen peroxide is harmful to the human body, its main uses are China’s industry, military and medical. If the company buys hydrogen peroxide, please find a reliable manufacturer. For example, it will not only improve the quality of the product, but also strictly manage the delivery according to your requirements, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by students who do not meet the design requirements. , is a reliable cooperative learning partner.

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