The principle of medical disinfection machines is the following, which are ozone disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and plasma disinfection. Ozone disinfection is not very good at the concentration value, and the concentration value is too high to cause relevant personnel to poison, the concentration value is too low and there is no disinfection effect, so this disinfection method has basically been eliminated.

Below we mainly compare ionic disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. The disinfection effects of ultraviolet disinfection and ionic disinfection are very good, but ultraviolet rays are very easy to cause radiation in human health. It is very easy to affect people's physical and mental health under the condition of ultraviolet rays for a long time, so it has certain restrictions on applications. And plasma air disinfection is not only high efficiency of anti -virus, but also has no damage to human health to be able to coexist in human -computer. Therefore, I recommend that you apply plasma air disinfection machines. Plasma air disinfection machine products are mainly composed of fans, control systems, plasma disinfection modules, and adsorption modules. Under the action of the fan, indoor pollution air can effectively eliminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the air after the disinfection module and purification module. , Zhenyin and other pathogenic microorganisms, and removed the granular suspension and gas in the air, as well as various odors. It is a veritable disinfection and purification machine. Product characteristics: It operates under the condition of coexistence of cocoa -machines, and has no harm to human health. It has a cumulative effect of operating time, cleaning and maintenance fully automatic reminder function, select new multi -purpose plasma modules, sterilize high efficiency, and the dust removal effect significantly enhances disinfection effects. , Timely interior infection can be treated in time.

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