The main components of the air purification system are the negative ion generator of the high-voltage generation circuit, the breeze fan, the air filter and other systems.

3 Specifically, it refers to fresh air unit (MAU, which consists of primary filter, medium efficiency filter, preheating coil, precooling coil, humidification section, windmill section, recooling coil, reheating coil and high efficiency filter), air duct, fan filter combination unit (FFU, which consists of fan and HEPA filter), circulating air conditioning box (PAH, which consists of primary filter, medium efficiency filter, coil section, fan section and high efficiency section), Air shower, etc.

The air duct type air purification and disinfection machine (PS-505T) is a typical representative. With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more families, enterprises, shopping malls and other places have installed air purification systems, so that we can feel the nature indoors and breathe healthily.

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