1. Will it cause damage to the human body when using ultraviolet air disinfection machines?
    First of all, let’s take a look at the dangers of ultraviolet rays. If it is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, it will cause cell cancer, and the main sterilization methods of ultraviolet air disinfection machines commonly used in the market have used UV lamp tube, each machine is placed in 2-8 roots For the number of lamp tube, the intensity of each lamp is about 10 times that of ordinary disinfection car lamp. Therefore, the vast majority of ultraviolet air line disinfection machine manufacturers are designing related products
  2. When it is designed as an internal circulation mode, the disinfection range is locked inside the disinfection machine, and ultraviolet rays will not leak, thereby avoiding the direct exposure of the human body. Essence
  3. What is the difference between plasma air disinfection machine and ultraviolet air disinfection machine?
    The core component of the plasma air disinfection machine is called a plasma generator. The so -called plasma generator is a device that produces positive and negative ions, mainly consisting of two electrodes. His status is equivalent to the role of ultraviolet light pipes in ultraviolet air disinfection machines, and plasma air disinfection machines use bipolar plasma electrostatic fields to decompose and break negative electric bacteria, polarize the dust and adsorb, and then combine the drug immersion type Activated carbon, static grid, optical catalytic catalytic device and other components for secondary sterilization filtration. A large amount of clean air that has been processed quickly circulates, so that the controlled environment is kept in the “sterile dust room” standard.
  4. Does the medical air disinfection machine need a plug -in fan during use?
    The air disinfection machine is different from the air conditioner. The working principle of the two is very different. First of all, the split air conditioner requires plug -in fans: the external fan has the role of refrigeration and heating. The indoor fan is only responsible for transmitting the generated air -conditioned or hot air to the room. The two parts cooperate with each other to regulate the temperature; and the air disinfection machine does not require a plug -in fan: the air disinfection machine has only one internal fan. The indoor air is transported inside the disinfection machine through the fan. The role of purifying indoor air.

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