Air disinfection machines can be divided into various types, including but not limited to:

Physical factor air disinfection machine: uses methods such as electrostatic adsorption, filtration technology, and ultraviolet radiation to kill or remove microorganisms in the air. Among them, electrostatic adsorption air disinfectors, high-efficiency filters (HEPA), and ultraviolet air disinfectors are common physical factor air disinfectors.

Chemical factor air disinfectors: including Chlorine dioxide air disinfectors, ozone air disinfectors, hydrogen peroxide air disinfectors, etc. Among them, ozone air disinfectors use ozone to disinfect the air, while Chlorine dioxide air disinfectors and hydrogen peroxide air disinfectors use Chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the air, respectively.

Plasma air disinfection machine: the principle of high-voltage discharge is used to change the gas from molecular state to plasma state, accompanied by intense Redox, so as to achieve air sterilization, dust removal and purification. In addition to antivirus, the plasma module can also remove PM2.5 and odors, with negative oxygen ion function and fresh air.

In short, there are various types of air disinfectors, and selecting a suitable air disinfector requires considering various factors, such as disinfection principles, applicable locations, and usage costs.

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