The working principle of ultraviolet disinfection machine: ultra -static fragile fan will suck some contaminated gases in the closed room into the internal structure of the machine and equipment; use (coarse effect+medium -effect+activated carbon+optical catalyst) Drop; use the strong UV lights installed in the filter to send the air surface to quickly eliminate the bacteria in the liquidity air; send the clean air that has just been filtered out of the dust and destroy the bacteria into the room, and the clean air quickly circulates circulation. Then indoor purification and sterilization of the purpose; negative oxygen ions are fresh air. Advantages and characteristics of ultraviolet disinfection machines: Advantages and features can sterilize and disinfection under the case of someone, and have no odor during sterilization, no radiation rays, no erosion machine equipment, and ultraviolet rays are sealed in the internal structure of the machine equipment. Using the sterilization and disinfection of the main functional ultraviolet irradiation and auxiliary function negative ion generator, activated carbon filter, and photocatalyst filter. Key points for the purchase of ultraviolet disinfection machines: The detection of ultraviolet disinfection machines used by hospitals is important to follow the standards of disinfection, safety, and effects of disinfection. Therefore, when choosing a model, it is necessary to determine according to the size of the indoor space of the sterilization volume. Compared to the relatively high number of sterilization venues, such as hospitals, so it is more to purchase wall -mounted ultraviolet disinfection machines, so that our disinfection machine will not take up the ground indoor space.

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