According to the needs of the market, the product is meticulously developed by absorbing the latest international and domestic air disinfection equipment technology. It has novel styles, low power consumption, and low noise, effectively eliminating bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the air, such as cold viruses, tuberculosis, SARS viruses, and other infectious sources. This product belongs to the dynamic disinfection type and is specially designed for human-machine coexistence environment. Compared with traditional static disinfection and ozone disinfection using ultraviolet lamps, it is more convenient, safe, and effective, making it the best choice for medical air disinfection

We have adopted the most mature circulating wind ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection technology.

◇ Large radiation dosage and wide range of killing bacteria and viruses.

◇ Nano photocatalyst antibacterial net, super strong decomposition of harmful bacterial communities.

◇ Activated carbon air filtration and negative ion generation, efficient dust removal, elimination of odors, and air purification.

The inner liner adopts a mirror reflective plate to enhance the sterilization effect.

Beautiful appearance, safe and reliable.

Adopting ozone free UV lamps and anti UV leakage devices, continuous and dynamic disinfection can be carried out in the presence of people without residual toxicity.

Capable of working continuously for 6000 hours.

◇ Automatic fault prompt, high-voltage overcurrent protection.

◇ Automatic disinfection and temporary disinfection.

Multiple models meet your needs for air disinfection in different occasions.

Through testing, the sterilization rate has reached over 99.9%.

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